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“Citizen of Heaven” Written by Fiona Crow and Daniel Robinson

© 2018 Elim Sound Publishing| North Note Publishing.
Recorded and mixed by Gus Stirrat at Solas Sound
Mastered by Iain Hutchison at Gloworm Recording

All songs performed by Fiona Crow
Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and synths- Fiona Crow
Bass- Gus Stirrat
Electric guitar- Scott Macleod
Drums and Percussion – Neil Paton

© 2018 Fiona Crow Music.
℗ 2018 Fiona Crow Music


I am stepping out beyond the veil
I am clothed in righteousness
For the path I tread was carved by grace
And the air I breathe is freedom

With every step my mind renewed
As I speak out every promise
For a distant hope is drawing near
And a broken past forgotten

I'm a citizen of heaven
And I know where I belong
I'm a citizen of heaven
Heaven is my home

And my eyes can see the finish line
And my heart knows where I belong
Though my legs feel weak my faith is strong
You'll complete in me what you began

I will run and I'll never stop
Holding on to all you've promised
Knowing you is the greatest gift
It's better than life
Letting go of what hinders me
Pressing on towards the prize
Taking hold of the victory
That your grace provides
You are enough for me