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My 'Father Heart' Guitar

Let me introduce you to my 'Father Heart' guitar.

It's been a faithful companion for almost 4 years now. Pretty much everyday I pick up this beautiful instrument and strum at least a few chords. It goes everywhere with me…

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Whole-hearted Worship 

So this past Sunday (17th of March 2019) was a bit of a mile stone for me. I preached my first ever sermon in my home church, Edinburgh Elim.

We're currently studying Psalm 138 and my brief was to share…

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New Video Release: All My Love

I've just released my second live music video from the Masterpiece project and I'd love you to check it out. 'All My Love' was written by Joe Blustin and Samuel Lane and it is a song about redemption, love and…

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The Making of a Masterpiece

You may be wondering why I called my new album Masterpiece... 

You would be forgiven for thinking I had maybe got a bit ahead of myself in giving it such a bold title. 

The song ‘Masterpiece’ was one of the…

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