1. This King

From the recording Masterpiece

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“This King” Written by Fiona Crow, Daniel Robinson, Elaine Berrick and Suzanne Hanna
© 2018 Elim Sound Publishing |North Note Publishing| Remaining Portion Unaffiliated

Recorded and mixed by Gus Stirrat at Solas Sound
Mastered by Iain Hutchison at Gloworm Recording

All songs performed by Fiona Crow
Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and synths- Fiona Crow
Bass- Gus Stirrat
Electric guitar- Scott Macleod
Drums and Percussion – Neil Paton


This king full of mercy and goodness
Embraces me with again
Made a space at his table
And serves me with his own hands
Gives me the keys to his kingdom
And sings a love song over me

This king left the glory of heaven
To walk the earth as man
Bore the sins of his people
The son of God was slain
Hands that had moulded the mountains
Were nailed to set us free

Emmanuel God with us
No greater lov
No greater love

By his stripes, we are healed
By his wounds his love revealed
By his grace, we are redeemed
No greater love, no greater love